Wish List

The Winnipeg Children's Access Agency Inc. has a Wish List.
You can help us with our Wish List through your donation of items or by providing gift cards to purchase any of the things below:

Craft Supplies

Paper of all types like: construction, watercolour, drawing, tracing, etc.
Markers – Washable
Pencil crayons – regular/water colour
Sidewalk chalk
Beads and string
Paints – watercolour, etc.
Pencil sharpeners
Craft Supply Kits/Bundles

Household Items

Paper Products: toliet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc.
Liquid hand soap
Plastic cutlery and utensils
Paper plates/bowls
Paper/Plastic cups

Playrooms and Video Room Items

[G] All Ages Rated DVD movies
[E] for Everybody Rated games for Wii, PS3, & Xbox
Xbox 360 or One console, PS3 or 4 console, Wii University, Nintendo Switch, and accessories are welcomed
Wii controllers
Xbox controllers
PS3 controllers
Ping-pong balls & paddles
Board Games
Small toy cars

Office Supplies

Copy paper
Toner/Ink - please contact the office for details

Lawn Care Items

Snow Shovels
Lawnmower – push/reel type
Gardening Shovels – trowel, spade, etc.
Garden hose


Gift cards to purchase any of the above