Supervised Visitation Programs

ASupervised Visit is a visit between children and family members
where a third party is present. WCAA offers programs for families designed to facilitate access in a safe, neutral and child-focused environment. Families are typically allowed a two-hour visit once per week.

WCAA provides different levels of supervision. As we do not negotiate access arrangements, it may be helpful to consider what level of supervision your situation might require. If obtaining a court order for visitation, a judge may be able to indicate what type and level of supervision is required. Also if you are having a family assessment conducted, the assessor may be able to make recommendations about what type and level of supervision that may be appropriate.

Types of Supervision Offered

Fully Supervised A Visitation Monitor is assigned to a family and they are required to remain with the family at all times.

Telephone Access Staff monitor telephone conversations between the child and parent/family member.

WCAA Visitation Spaces Photos

Our newly renovated facility at 385 River Avenue has been designed
around the needs of the families with ample space for family visits. We have rooms housing age–appropriate toys and comfortable seating,
a library area filled with books and tabletop games, as well as craft creation and electronic gaming spaces for older children. Our space is wheelchair accessible with a lift between levels and ramps for entry.

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