Supervised Exchange Program

ASupervised Exchange is the transfer of
children between two parties where there is no direct contact. A staff member supervises the transfer. Arrival and departure times are staggered between the parties to avoid contact outside our building. Exchanges can occur during office hours or on evenings and weekends while the visitation site is open.

Exchanges are scheduled within the agency’s operating hours and cannot be scheduled until both parties have done an initial orientation interview. Staff do not negotiate exchange times between parties. They record arrival and departure times; take the children to the designated waiting areas; and note any concerns or issues about the transfer of the child.

Because the actual visit takes place without agency supervision, staff are not responsible for anything that occurs during the visit itself. Specific concerns should be discussed with the parties’ respective lawyers.

Exchange Time Slots:

                   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:45 AM Image
10:00 AM Image
11:00 AM Image
1:00 PM Image Image
4:00 PM Image Image Image Image Image
5:15 PM Image Image
6:30 PM Image Image Image Image
7:30 PM Image Image Image Image
8:30 PM Image Image Image